New Holland Construction Tier 4 - A Cleaner Future Built Around You, Our emissions compliance technologies

Powering a cleaner future

The future

The year 2011 will bring the first step in the biggest reduction in emissions since regulations were introduced in Europe and North America in 1996. Tier 4 final standards will require equipment to almost completely eliminate pollutants from emissions.

Leading experts in our industry agree that SCR will be vital to achieving these extremely stringent regulations.

At New Holland, we have taken the long view. We developed a solution that relies on two technologies, CEGR and SCR, to guarantee the highest performance on every model in our range and take us to the near-zero emissions levels required by Tier 4 final standards.

This means that we have already invested in developing the technology we will need to meet the final stage of Tier 4 regulations. We can now look further and focus on developing the next generation of New Holland equipment that will redefine the performance and efficiency our customers expect of us.