New Holland Construction Tier 4 - A Cleaner Future Built Around You, Our emissions compliance technologies

The New Holland solution

The New Holland solution

New Holland relies on two technologies to achieve top performance from every model in the product line and meet the required reduction in emissions:

  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  • Cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR)

We will use the technology that delivers the best performance and lowest operating costs for each model, depending on each model's engineering characteristics and application requirements.

  • Integrated design, top performance. New Holland’s advanced hydraulic, electronic and engine technologies are fully integrated into the design of our Tier 4 models. They work together to provide the highest productivity at the lowest operating costs – and meet the stringent emissions standards.
  • The technology of the future – today. The industry’s leading engineers believe that SCR technology is the solution to meet the stringent Tier 4 final standards. With New Holland, you get the advantages of the most advanced, productive and cost-effective technology today.

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