New Holland Construction Tier 4 - A Cleaner Future Built Around You, Our emissions compliance technologies


Tackling climate change and address health issues related to air quality have become a priority for governments around the world. The built environment, industry and vehicles account for the biggest part of greenhouse gases and harmful emissions.

Governments have been introducing increasingly stringent regulations and policies to reduce emissions from building stock, factories and on- and off-road vehicles. In addition, a growing number of businesses have put sustainable practices at the heart of the way they run their operations.

New Holland technology for the environment
At New Holland, we have been working for years on reducing the environmental impact of our equipment as much as possible. As emissions standards have tightened over the years, we have always stayed ahead of the game, providing equipment with emissions and noise levels well below regulatory levels.

We developed advanced solutions to enhance our equipment’s fuel economy and environmental performance. We introduced groundbreaking technologies such as High Pressure Common Rail injection, which has revolutionized diesel engine performance in terms of fuel efficiency and low emissions.

We developed our exclusive Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction system, which has dramatically reduced noise pollution on jobsites and increased operator comfort.

Our customers can count on equipment that will enable them to run their businesses sustainably and make the most of opportunities in urban jobsites with the tightest emissions and noise abatement regulations.

All these environmental solutions enhance safety on the jobsite, dramatically reducing the operators’ exposure to noise, dust and pollutants.

Sustainable manufacturing practices
The manufacturing plants where New Holland equipment is produced have adopted environmental policies to minimize the impact of their activities. For example, the Lecce excavator factory holds ISO 140001 certification for Environmental Management standards, ISO 901 for Quality Management and was recently awarded the International Health and Safety Management System certification OHSAS 18001.

The New Holland plants are also involved in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program. They look at continuously improving every process that can have an impact on the environment, health and safety in the workplace, as well as maintenance, logistics and quality. WCM is based on the systematic identification and reduction of all types of waste and loss, and involves everyone in the factory’s organization. Together, they strive to maximize energy efficiency, eliminating waste, minimizing emissions, treating waste effluents and looking at sustainable sourcing and organized logistics to minimize transport emissions.